M17 Sculpture Prize 2022: Open Call

M17 Sculpture Prize 2022: Open Call

19.10.2021 - 01.12.2021

M17 CAC and Adamovskiy Foundation announce the second OPEN CALL for M17 Sculpture Prize (for those artists who have a passport of a citizen of Ukraine)

The winner will get a UAH 250,000 reward

Сompetition topic: Posthumanism: Human in Changing Context
The exhibition of nominees’ works and the selection of the winner will take place in 2022

Application deadline: December 1st, 2021

This year, cross-media projects that employ new media alongside/instead of conventional ones are invited to apply. Furthermore, ideas focusing on engagement with public spaces will be prioritized.

ATTENTION! Digital proposals can be presented with well-thought-out material implementation alternatives — the “material carrier” of the idea — to display works in the art space or directly in the city.

A shortlist of nominees will be formed based on the findings of the expert selection. Except for those who will submit finalized works for competitive selection, all candidates will receive funds for the realization of the idea chosen by the expert jury based on their sketch.

All nominees’ finalized works will be displayed during the exhibition in M17 CAC in September 2022. And the winner, who will be chosen based on an appraisal of previously completed programs, will earn a reward of 250,000 hryvnias *.

The results of the first competition are available on the previous project’s page — M17 Sculpture Prize 2020

* the amount before deduction of all taxes and fees (obligatory payments) provided by the legislation of Ukraine, in particular paragraphs. 168.2.1 Art. 168 Tax Code of Ukraine

M17 Sculpture Prize 2022 topic

Posthumanism: Human in Changing Context

Posthumanism is a multi-composite concept. Unlike transhumanism, he does not appeal to the desire to transcend biological constraints and move a man to a new stage of evolution through technological advancement. Posthumanism, which also sees the emergence of new technology and new media as a main transformative element, focuses, however, on transcending the limitations of our self-perception:

  • man does not have an exclusive position in the overall system of living beings or even all things;
  • there are no “more human beings” who may be given a privileged position compared to others because of their gender, colour, ethnicity, physical characteristics, or anything else;
  • a person cannot be imagined through only one identity (political, social, gender, professional, etc.) — they are an “assemblage point” of several identities that are continuously “flowing” into one another.

However, we were drawn to the notion of posthumanism by the way the urban space turns after total medialization, as well as the changes in the self-perception of the major (formerly) active subject and direct creator of this environment.

The creation of new forms of subjectivity and modes of operation in space has already resulted from the development of new technologies. The recognition of the “fluidity” of identities is followed by the realization of continual presence in a condition of “co-space,” as documented by medialization processes: fictional worlds generated by social, political, and cultural discourses coexist and interpenetrate. These places are being transformed by new media into nomadic and transit spaces, in which the subject “slides” without direction or can be “distributed.”

Going through the latest theories that analyze such transformations, we decided to invite artists to take a closer look at the effects of new media on the modification of human nature and the interrelated modification of the urban context of human existence. And present the results of their observations, reflections and discoveries as an object of art.

Curators of the project: Kateryna Ray, Eugenia Gavrylenko
Head of the project: Natalia Shpytkovska

Conditions for participation

The application can be submitted by artists who have a passport of a citizen of Ukraine.

There are no age restrictions.

The competition is open to three-dimensional art objects, material and digital, made using both traditional techniques and technologies of virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), artificial intelligence (AI), holography, Big Data, generative design, video mapping, etc.

Please be aware to contact us via email (m17sculptureprize@artcult.org.ua) or social media (Facebook, Instagram).




Selection criteria

The applications will be evaluated according to the criteria listed below:

  • idea’s conformity to the theme of the contest;
  • innovativeness in artistic solution;
  • integrity of the concept;
  • sufficient granularity of the budget (approximate template can be downloaded here);
  • availability of all requested data and documents.


Selection Jury

The submitted ideas will be considered by an international jury, satisfying the Prize goal of making Ukrainian artists more visible to world experts and thus stimulating a better exchange of experience and professional growth of our artists.

The final jury membership is now being determined. Wait for updates.




  • 19/10/21
    call for applications, opening date
  • 01/12/21
    call for applications, closing date
  • 2021, December
    technical preselection


  • 2022, from January to February
    consideration of applications by Selection Jury
  • 2022, February
    announcement of the nominees for the Prize
  • 2022, March
    signing agreements with nominees
  • 2022, from April to August
    execution of nominees’ contest projects
  • 2022, September
    opening of the exhibition with M17 Sculpture Prize 2022 nominees’ works
  • 2022, November
    announcement of Major Winner

M17 Sculpture Prize is a professional award in the field of three-dimensional art. In 2019, it was launched by M17 Contemporary Art Center together with Adamovskiy Foundation. The Prize is held with the involvement of international experts and is aimed at identifying and supporting talented contemporary artists from Ukraine.

The first edition of M17 Sculpture Prize took place in 2020.

  • Mykhailo Alekseenko’s work Crystal Dream received the Major Award.
  • Andrii Kyrychenko’s work Books received the SEARCH Foundation Special Award for “The preservation and development of ceramic traditions.”
  • Daniil Shumikhin’s work Unstable Relations with the Future in the Given Conditions received the Berkeley Real Estate Special Award for “The artistic conceptualization of the architectural forms’ influence.”

More information about competition — M17 Sculpture Prize 2020