NFT art by Victor Sydorenko in the DAN.IT virtual space


On July 7th, Victor Sidorenko’s NFT art exhibition opens in the virtual academy DAN.IT at the Meet Zeon Metaverse. The exhibition is a charity project. The funds received from the sale of Victor Sydorenko’s NFT-artworks will be transferred to the Art for Victory UA Charitable Fund to support Ukrainian culture.

On July 7th, DAN.IT academy is opening a new page in the history of education and networking in the Meet Zeon Metaverse virtual space. DAN.IT is an international EdTech leader at the forefront of EdTech innovation. The company paves the way for global learning’s shift to deep-immersion technologies, creating a virtual universe through a dedicated Metaverse platform. This approach has emerged in the company since most of its employees had to emigrate from dangerous cities in Ukraine to different parts of the world. The exclusive launch of Metaverse in the UK will happen on the 7th of July, and it will become the first of 10+ launches planned for the next year.

Along with the presentation, on the 7th of July, an exhibition of NFT art by Victor Sydorenko will be opened within the DAN.IT space. During the event, the seventh edition of the artist’s “Lexicon” NFT series will be available for purchase.

The previous six editions of the NFT series have already been sold out. Considering the achievements and career of the artist, the NFT art of Victor Sydorenko is not just a speculative digital asset, but genuine art itself. 50% of the funds received on sales of the seventh edition of NFT “Lexicon” will be donated to charity within the Art for Victory UA Foundation’s programmes.

We invite you to plunge into the virtual universe and to be a guest at Victor Sydorenko’s first exhibition in the Metaverse. You will have a chance to become an owner of the artist’s “Lexicon” series NFT art!

The number of unique NFT works by Victor Sydorenko is limited. You have the opportunity to purchase an artwork and make your charitable contribution for Ukraine.

To purchase Victor Sydorenko’s NFT art on ArtCult gallery page at Binance platform, join the link.

Registration form for the Meet Zeon Metaverse virtual space, DAN.IT (from July 8).

Please, follow the link to see Victor Sydorenko’s biography.

Find out more information about the artists’s projects and see his recent exhibitions realised with M17 Contemporary Art Center:  solo exhibitions “Untimely” and “Year Zero. The Idea of Light”, in particular.

More about the “Lexicon” project on our website.

Victor Sydorenko is one of the leaders of contemporary Ukrainian art. He belongs to the generation of artists who have lived and worked under the totalitarian regime for a long time. During this period, Victor Sidorenko changed his manner of painting from realism to neo-avant-garde as the embodiment of creative freedom. In 2003, at the 50th Venice Biennale, he presented his project “Millstone of Time” from Ukraine, where he touched upon the topic of memory, history, questioning the legacy of post-totalitarian vestiges and identification of a personality in the modern world.

Nowadays, Sidorenko works in various media: easel painting, large-scale sculptures, photography and installation, video art and digital NFT art. During the last years his exhibitions were realised with M17 Contemporary Art Center, solo exhibition named “Untimely” and “Year Zero. The Idea of Light”, in particular.

“Art for Victory UA” fund was established by the Ukrainian and international art and culture community with the aim to support and promote the existence and survival of Ukrainian culture in the current state of war conditions which threaten its very existence.

DAN.IT is an international EdTech leader spearheading global learning’s migration to the Metaverse, that offers students from around the world the opportunity to master in-demand skills adapted to today’s changing tech landscape via fully immersive virtual classes and in-person events.

Meet Zeon Metaverse is a digital space that offers a completely new type of virtual conferencing experiencing latest tech possibilities.

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