NFT collection “Lexicon”

NFT collection “Lexicon”

Viktor Sydorenko

07.07.2022 - 27.11.2022 Buy a ticket

When “buying NFT” equals “helping Ukraine”!

A well-known Ukrainian artist Victor Sydorenko has released a special edition of the NFT artworks “Lexicon” on ArtCult gallery page at Binance platform to support Ukraine, the seventh edition out of thirteen stated goes to charity.

The artist, when creating artworks, exists beyond the borders of space and time: preserving the memory of the past, the artist carves out the essence of the present and quite often plays a role of a harbinger of the future. Little wonder, a series of NFT artworks by Viktor Sydorenko “Lexicon” was created shortly before Russia’s brutal war against Ukraine. Now the series becomes an “artistic weapon”.

In the “Lexicon” series Sydorenko again refers to his “transitive character”. The image of a human in underwear together with the author himself undergoes metamorphoses throughout the creative path. Now the Character represents a human who strives to break free. The hero is inscribed in a circle, which is inscribed in a square. The movements of the Character are a form of protest, an attempt to get out of the figures that limit his free will. It is a symbol of Ukraine’s struggle for independence and each of us for our freedom, for our own right to choose.

Launched in the middle of February 2022, the 6 previous editions of the “Lexicon” NFT-series were successfully sold, with every new edition increasing in price. 50% of the funds from the 7th edition will go for charity to support cultural sector through the programs of the Art for Victory Charitable Fund. “It is important to consider the artist’s achievements and career,” stated Natalia Shpytkovska, executive director of M17 Contemporary Art Center. “Sydorenko’s success with NFT is based on his recognition and extensive project record. We believe this will allow collectors to differ art from speculative digital assets”. 

Victor Sydorenko represented Ukraine at the Venice Biennale, took part in the Venice Biennale twice as a commissioner, and had an exhibition at the United Nations in New York. His works are in the collections of the world’s leading museums, and have been successfully sold at the international auction sales (Sotheby’s, Christie’s).

Currently, 7/13 of the circulation has been issued. The number of unique NFT works by Victor Sydorenko is limited. You have the opportunity to purchase an artwork and make your charitable contribution for Ukraine. To purchase Victor Sydorenko’s NFT art on ArtCult gallery page at Open Sea platform, join the link.

Please, follow the link to see Victor Sydorenko’s biography. 

Find out more information about the artists’s projects and see his resent exhibitions realised with M17 Contemporary Art Center, solo exhibition named “Untimely” and “Year Zero. The Idea of Light”, in particular.

During the period of the artist’s cooperation with M17 Contemporary Art Center a book “Free Atonality” by Oleksiy Bosenko was published, in which he reflects on the issues raised by Sydorenko’s artworks: contemporary art, that “lives with a twisted neck”; the “perfect mirror”; apocatastasis and more.

More about Viktor Sidorenko’s NFT art exhibition in the virtual academy DAN.IT at the Meet Zeon Metaverse.

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