23.09.2019 Frontier. VR Art Festival. Kyiv. The Closing

On September the 20th to 22nd, Frontier Art and Virtual Reality Festival was held at CAC M17. VR Art Festival. Kyiv….

16.09.2019 PRO Dialogue

On Sunday, September the 15th, a professional dialogue took place at M17 CAC between representatives of institutions, cultural figures, collectors and…

14.09.2019 Presentation of The Big Circle Catalog

Today we presented the catalog of The Big Circle project, which summed up the unprecedented scale of involvement in a project…

Big Circle
09.09.2019 Frontier. VR Art Festival. Kyiv. Opening

The first Ukrainian Art and Virtual Reality Festival will begin at M17 Contemporary Art Center on September the 20th! The result…

30.07.2019 Roland Orépük Big Circle UA

EXHIBITION # 3 of International Collaboration on Contemporary Art “The Big Circle”, which will begin on August the 1st, will be…

Big Circle
19.07.2019 Tillman’s lecture “ccnoa / dac – a shared experience”

Yesterday at Tillman lecture “ccnoa / dac – a shared experience” we heard the story of ups and downs, bureaucratic hurdles…

Big Circle
17.07.2019 Collective monochrome № 31

On July 16, during the opening of the exposition # 2 within the Big Circle international collaboration project of contemporary non-objective…

Big Circle
14.07.2019 Lecture by Tiberiy Silvashi

On July the 13th, 2019, a lecture by Ukrainian artist Tiberiy Silvashi was held within the framework of international exhibition project…

Big Circle
24.06.2019 Artist Talk by Hamlet Zinkowskiy

Take a look at photos from Artist Talk by Hamlet Zinkowskiy! How was that? Hamlet was as casual as possible. The…

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